Amazon and Apple have cut short the new French initiative
Amazon and Apple have cut short the new French initiative

Government officials said Amazon and Apple have not signed a new French initiative to urge global technology companies to publicly adhere to principles, including fair tax distribution.

Over the past three years, French President Emmanuel Macron has persuaded tech giants to work with the government to address a host of global challenges, such as tackling online hate speech, protecting privacy, and making donations to the treasury.

Macron's advisors said: The president has asked technology companies to participate in a new French program called Tech for Good Call, which emphasizes the principles of a post-pandemic world.

The French government has released a list of 75 tech CEOs who have joined the program so far, including the CEO of Google, the CEO of Facebook, and the President of Microsoft.

French officials said: The negotiations with Apple are continuing, and it can join the plan and its details will be officially released on Tuesday, while French officials made it clear that Amazon refuses to join the plan.

An adviser to the president said at a press conference: The goal is also to objectively monitor those who choose to participate in the competition, aligning their interests with individuals and communities and those not participating in sports. Spread.

The Facebook CEO and other high-ranking technical staff attended the so-called Tech for Good Summit in 2018, which the French president organized at the Elysee Palace.

That summit resulted in the creation of task forces that created tension between the government and major tech companies.

The new measure is not legally binding, but French officials said: Macron will use it as a tool to influence future negotiations at the Global Regulatory Forum of Big Tech.

During discussions in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the US and European governments disagreed on the issue of digital taxes for big tech companies.

Signatories' technology should pay fair taxes in the country in which they operate. In addition to supporting the environmental transition, publishing content related to child sexual abuse or terrorist content is also prohibited.

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