Poké Ball ... a replica of a Pokémon bal
Poké Ball ... a replica of a Pokémon bal

Pokémon fans can now order electronic copies of the Pokémon ball, with Japanese company Pokémon and British company Magic Wand creating the first version of the classic ball.

Replicas of Great Ball, Ultra Ball and Premier Ball have also been created and will go on sale in 2021. This gives fans a unique opportunity to collect replicas of these balls.

The price for "PokéBall" is $ 99.99. The first order is now available and will ship on February 27, 2021, the date of Pokemon's 25th anniversary.

The balloon can be ordered initially from selected retailers in the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand for sale.

According to "Pokémon," the metal version of the same Pokémon ball has proximity detection technology. So when motion is detected, the ball lights up and is close to the human hand.

Press the ball button to change the light color or start a flashing light sequence.

The ball also comes with a stainless steel display case and ring that provides a variety of options to protect and display the product appropriately.

The facade itself is also equipped with a metal touchpad that can illuminate the ball.

You might think, as we learned from games and cartoons, that the purpose of the ball is to throw the ball, but that is not the case with the ball. Andy said: Never throw the ball.

"The Pokemon Ball is an icon in the Pokemon franchise, and we're excited to be working with Wand to reproduce the ball," said Amy Satchten, Pokemon Licensing Manager.

She added: The wand is known worldwide for its innovative design and manufacturing, which makes it an ideal partner to help make this vision a reality.

British company Magic Wand is known for its Harry Potter 2009 Magic Wand, which can be used to change TV channels and songs over the phone.

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