Amazon is testing writing commands for Alexa
Amazon is testing writing commands for Alexa

Amazon has already begun testing a new feature of the Alexa app in iOS, which will allow users to enter commands to place voice requests through smart assistants.

An Amazon spokesperson said, “Typing with Alexa is a regular beta feature available to users of the Alexa app in iOS. You can interact with Alexa without using your voice. Anything you say to Alexa at the moment is fine. Use this app to write. Alexa Mobile. IOS users can. In the United States typing using Alexa. "

To access this new function, the user must click on the keyboard icon currently displayed in the upper left corner of the app's main menu. The input command works like a voice command, but Amazon said the feature is still in beta and users may run into problems.

It should be noted that allowing users to type commands that are usually voice-overs is nothing new, as Google and Apple have been providing this functionality in their smart assistants for years. However, it is believed that due to Alexa's popularity, Amazon welcomes this move and sometimes users want to write commands instead of speaking them, especially in public places.

Amazon has not disclosed the feature's final release date, nor the release date of Google's Android operating system.

It should be noted that testing of new functions is carried out at the same time as the update from Amazon to Alexa in order to enable automatic switching between several languages.

For the first time in 2019, the voice assistant has the function of automatic response to requests in English and other languages.

However, the processor is limited to two languages ​​simultaneously and there are no changes. However, users can now enable more languages ​​in the Alexa app.

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