Porsche Design AOC Agon PD27 QHD Gaming Monitor
Porsche Design AOC Agon PD27 QHD Gaming Monitor

Porsche Design AOC Agon PD27 Gaming Monitor 27 '' QHD Curved 1000R (2560 x 1440) 240Hz 0.5ms HDR400 FreeSync Premium Pro Light Effects Quick Switch Keyboard Low Input Delay Height Adjustment On For four years

Timeless design and unparalleled performance

The 27-inch monitor from Porsche Design AOC AGON (PD27) is a QHD (2560 x 1440) gaming monitor that can upscale. The first model, as part of a new partnership between AOC and Porsche Design, has been carefully designed to capture the spirit of excitement and superior performance. It has a 240Hz refresh rate, a fast 0.5ms response time and is AMD FreeSync Premium Pro certified, which is all you need for smooth gameplay. The 1000R Curved Design Monitor helps you focus more on operations and provides an unparalleled user and owner experience.

240Hz refresh rate and QHD resolution ensure clear and smooth gaming experience

This screen can redraw the screen image up to 240 times per second with QHD resolution, which is much faster than a standard screen. A normal, low frame rate screen can cause an enemy to jump from place to place on the screen, making it difficult to get in. The frame rate is 240Hz and the additional images ensure extremely smooth motion and ultimately improve the player accuracy. The screen has very low input lag and does not tear the screen. This makes it an ideal combination of consoles and next-generation computers.

Fast response time enables accurate visual effects to be achieved, reducing delay time from device to device

Response time is the time it takes for pixels on the screen to change from one color to another. 0.5ms response time effectively removes noise and motion blur and provides increasingly clear visual effects, improving the gaming experience. Input delay is the time between performing the operation on the connected peripheral device and displaying the result on the screen. The short input delay shortens the time between command entry and picture change, which is especially important for those who play fast-paced competitive games.

Crazy Immersive Experience (1000R Bend)

The screen has a brightly colored curved control panel that provides a more exciting and immersive viewing experience. The curved design surrounds you, puts you in the center of the action and provides you with a great gaming experience, just like in a racing car.

Porsche Design AOC Agon PD27 QHD Gaming Monitor
Porsche Design AOC Agon PD27 QHD Gaming Monitor

  •      27 '' AGON gaming monitor with Quad HD resolution of 2560 x 1440, developed by the world famous Porsche Design Company.
  •     The 1000R-VA curved panel adapts to the curve of the human eye and surrounds your field of view so that you are at the center of the action for an immersive gaming experience
  •     The ultra-fast refresh rate of 240Hz, the ultra-fast response time (MPRT) of 0.5ms and the smoothest gaming experience completely remove dirt and motion blur.
  •     AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology optimizes performance to deliver responsive, smooth and competitive gameplay, plus ultra-realistic HDR gaming graphics.
  •     Use the customizable AOC Light FX to illuminate the battlefield and transform your work area into a display case with the Porsche Design or AGON logo.
  •     Use the Quickswitch Wireless Keyboard to instantly switch between game modes for enhanced visual effects and adjust AOC shadow control settings to enhance your gaming experience.
  •     3-sided frameless design, ultra-slim bezel, VESA DisplayHDR 400 certified performance, 119.76% sRGB and 88.82% DCI-P3, multi-screen transparent settings and stunning visual effects also Get more vivid images effects.
  •     Redistribution warranty period: 4 years without peak value, 4 years before replacement, 1 year (one time) after accidental damage
  •     2 DisplayPort 1.4, 2 HDMI 2.0, 1 USB Type B (upstream), 4 USB Type-A (downstream), 1 audio input / output, 1 built-in microphone, 1 microphone output, 2 built-in 5W DTS speakers
  •     The height adjustable stand features swivel and tilt functions, providing the best ergonomic design and visual comfort during long play.

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