Apple continues to develop autonomous car chips
Apple continues to develop autonomous car chips

According to a recent Digitimes report, Apple is leading the self-driving car project and is working with TSMC to develop autonomous chips.

The company is exploring the possibility of setting up a plant in the United States and has entered into initial negotiations with the global auto electronics supply chain.

The report contains little information on the progress of work under way on the Titan Autonomous Vehicle project.

Project Titan is currently focused on developing autonomous driving technologies that can be used in other manufacturers' cars rather than being built by Apple itself.

According to a recent Bloomberg report, Apple has changed its leadership position by operating its covert self-driving car project, Project Titan, so that its self-driving car division has a new head.

The Digitimes report indicated that Apple is working with TSMC to develop technology for autonomous driver chipsets.

Of note, Tesla has also worked with TSMC to develop the HW4.0 autopilot chip, which is expected to go into production in the fourth quarter of 2021.

TSMC previously announced that it announced the Apple Car Plan, has its own R&D facility in Nanke, and is partnering with STMicroelectronics to accelerate the development of GaN technology while bringing separate, integrated GaN components to market brings.

Apple and TSMC have an extensive partnership as the company manufactures A-series chips for iPhones and iPads, as well as Apple's latest silicone chips for Mac computers.

A reliable analyst (Ming-Chi Kuo) also reported that TSMC will provide chips for Apple cars.

The report says: Apple's car model is similar to Tesla, but does not explain what it means. Over the years, the Apple Titan has evolved, but it has been said: The project is currently focused more on developing autonomous driving systems than on reality. Apple car.

Digitimes believes there won't be much overlap in the supply chain between Apple and Tesla, mainly because the relationship between Apple and the supply chain is stronger overall.

Previous reports indicate that Apple has been trying to acquire Tesla.

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