Apple publishes security tips to protect your data from prying eyes
Apple publishes security tips to protect your data from prying eyes

Apple has released a comprehensive security guide that explains how to check that someone else can access your data or devices, how to take precautions, and how to block people if needed.

Apple continues to support privacy through features like privacy tags in the App Store, but has released a comprehensive security guide detailing the risks of data misuse.

The company uses a comprehensive security guide called "Accessing devices and data when personal security is at risk", which details each available security option, how to use it, and how to use it.

Apple said: If you are concerned that someone is accessing information that you haven't shared from your Apple device, this guide will help you identify risks and guide you through the technology development steps that you rely on. Private and secure.

Eva Galberin, director of cybersecurity at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and technical advisor to the Foundation for Press Freedom, welcomed the new findings.

A tweet from Galperin's personal Twitter account indicated that the guide is especially helpful for victims of domestic violence.

Galpren added, "The person you trust today may not be the person you trust tomorrow. Couples break up, the marriage breaks down, and roommates leave. When developing a product. Those who can share data should also facilitate their downtime."

The guide contains sections on comprehensive privacy settings, as well as specific details on a range of issues from site tracking to shared calendars.

It also comes with a series of checklists to guide you through the steps to block access, stop sharing, and website confidentiality.

The guide says: Apple makes it easy to connect with the people around you and share life. What you share and share with others is yours, including the decision to make changes to better protect your information or personal safety.

The guide is available on Apple's support site but has not been promoted anywhere by the company.

Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering, said recently that Apple's privacy label is only part of the company's ambitions.

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