The Electronic Frontier Foundation condemns Facebook's campaign against Apple
The Electronic Frontier Foundation condemns Facebook's campaign against Apple

The Electronic Frontier Foundation reports that Facebook's criticism of Apple's anti-tracking measures is ridiculous, because the social network is in fact fighting against the small businesses it was supposed to protect.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and his company criticized the ongoing media campaign on Facebook for trying to pressure Apple not to change its plan to limit ad tracking.

The non-profit Electronic Frontier Foundation, which focuses on privacy, is now controversial with Apple.

The foundation said the Facebook campaign goes against the facts, and the campaign claims Apple's privacy changes aren't good for small businesses.

The foundation has failed to protect privacy, but said: This is a ridiculous attempt by Facebook to distract users from its history of anti-competitive bad behavior and privacy concerns and to undermine pro-action. Privacy that benefits Facebook's business.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation praises Apple's transparency for tracking apps across iOS 14 and iPadOS 14.

The foundation said: By allowing users to choose which external trackers they can use and what they cannot use, there needs to be a clear basis for getting their consent from the tracker.

"This change gives users a better understanding of how the app works, helps them protect users from abuse, and enables them to make better decisions for themselves."

The nonprofit looks at this feature as another step in the right direction. It reduces developer abuse by giving users knowledge and control over their personal data.

Regarding Facebook's campaign against Apple, the foundation said: It's not about small businesses, it's about who benefits from ads and whether Facebook users learn more about it and about others. Data brokers work behind the scenes, Facebook could take a toll.

Targeted ads based on these tracking tools are believed to generate more revenue than non-targeted ads. However, the Digital Frontier Foundation says the additional revenue will not benefit content creators or app developers.

Since few companies dominate the online advertising market, small businesses cannot compete effectively.

This is partly because it enhances the outperformance of targeted advertising over other customer acquisition methods, which in turn reduces the value of non-targeted ads.

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