Apple resolves wireless charging problems
Apple resolves wireless charging problems

Apple has admitted that iPhone 12 models have issues with Qi-certified chargers for wireless charging.

The company's technical support team claims to be able to solve the wireless charging issues that many homeowners face when using certified chargers.

When describing the problem, one user said: You can charge it wirelessly one day but not the next. You will need to restart the device to recharge it. 700 people met him at the Apple forum. The same problem.

The support manager has confirmed, based on the user's words, that the company is aware of the problem and will work hard to fix the issue in the coming days.

The problem with wireless charging appears to apply to a variety of different charging media and media. Restarting your phone may fix this problem for a short time, but it will restore it in a day or two.

The iPhone 12 wireless charging issue will most likely be fixed in the next iOS update.

Apple is often praised for the quality of its hardware, but its software is not always praised and bugs cannot be avoided, especially in the early days of a new release, and iOS 14 has encountered a number of issues over the weeks. That followed its release in September.

Additionally, over the past month, some users have complained about screen issues, and it appears Apple is working hard to fix these issues.

According to a new report, an internal document shows that Apple has admitted that the iPhone 12 screen in some cases flickers, lights green or gray, or has unexpected lighting differences.

According to the report, the file was released to Apple Authorized Service Providers this week. The document states that Apple is aware of customer reports about this issue and is investigating.

Meanwhile, some new iPhone 12 series users are complaining that they are facing network connectivity issues and cannot connect to the 4G network.

Users also reported problems connecting to 5G networks in some countries / regions.

Affected users have participated in the official Apple forum to highlight the issue. One user said he was forced to use Samsung's internet hotspot to power the new iPhone 12.

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