Google photos add background changes related to your memories
Google photos add background changes related to your memories
Google released version 5.22 of its Google Photos service app via the Google Play Store, so the update introduces new functionality to the app depending on the storage.

Last September, Google added a new way to display reminders in Google Photos, which allows users to find old photos and videos.

Since its release, Google has tested a number of additional features for displaying reminders, including requesting a copy of the image for printing, an option to support design images, and a new album called Recent Highlights. To automatically display the most organized photo albums.

The new service app update includes new live wallpapers linked to your storage, so that Android users can now configure the wallpaper to switch between a series of images stored in danger.

When you enter the background selection setting in your phone, you will find a new live wallpaper that will display an option called (Storage). Once the phone starts up, select it. Delete from Google Photos "Storage" Drag the sections to switch between wallpapers.

Selecting the background image will preview the display on the home screen. If you like what you see in the preview window, you can click the button to set the wallpaper in the upper right corner of the live wallpaper app.

The preview window contains a button for opening images in Google Photos. However, the Opener app currently does not offer any other option to customize the live wallpaper.

In addition, the preview window contains a checkbox called (Preview) in the upper right corner which will hide the above buttons to show the background image in full screen mode.

The main problem with this is that Google uses its machine learning algorithm to determine what is eligible for storage, so you can't decide what to display.

It should be noted that Google has already announced that it will cancel the free and unlimited storage space for photos on June 1, 2021, and the Google Photos service has started downloading more than 15 GB of storage space.

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