Big tech companies have been hit by SolarWinds hackers
Big tech companies have been hit by SolarWinds hackers

The Wall Street Journal reports that SolarWinds hackers have influenced some of the big tech companies.

Attackers can also enter California State Hospital and Kent State University.

Last week, there was news that SolarWinds may have been overrun by the Russian government and the US Department of Finance, Trade, Foreign Affairs, Energy and Homeland Security also affected.

Due to SolarWinds' large number of customers, other government agencies and several companies also conduct opinion polls.

Cisco, Intel, Nvidia, Belkin and VMware have computers on their networks that are infected with malware.

SolarWinds reported that fewer than 18,000 companies were affected and attempted to hide the list of clients who were using the affected program.

The Wall Street Journal notes that some popular SolarWinds customers have been identified as having been hit by hackers.

Big tech companies present the same story right now, which can be boiled down to this: We're investigating, but we think it hasn't affected us.

As in the previous situation, as in the case of a 2016 Democratic National Committee email violation, it may take some time to review all consequences of the violation.

Once the hackers enter the system, it can be difficult to know that they have completely disappeared, and as the Associated Press report shows, once the hackers enter, the network can be difficult to fully trust. On the web.

In this case, investigators have to investigate a lot of data as the hacking attacks that started a few months ago are still going on.

Seriously, researchers have discovered another hacking organization that uses a similar vulnerability to hack SolarWinds.

Originally considered a "supernova" attack, it was part of what is called the main Sunburst attack, but investigators now believe it was carried out by a second, simpler team.

Hacking groups may want to enter the system of a large, high-tech company for many reasons, including access to future product plans or employee and customer information that can be sold or paid for. ransom.

These companies can also be attacked largely inadvertently because these groups of hackers want access to government agencies and these government agencies use the same IT management system that SolarWinds provides.

According to reports, the US government's Computer Security Organization announced that every federal agency must shut down its SolarWinds system immediately.

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