Galaxy Buds Pro includes a version of Spatial Audio features
Galaxy Buds Pro includes a version of Spatial Audio features

Samsung plans to use the upcoming Galaxy Buds Pro wireless earbuds to address one of the unique features of Apple's AirPods Pro and AirPods Max - spatial audio.

The spatial audio function provides a great experience, similar to ambient sound in headphones or headphones.

It can also connect the audio source firmly to your iPhone or iPad, thus providing a fake surround sound system that changes the direction of the sound according to the direction of your head and the position of your phone.

It seems that Samsung is preparing to try its own spatial audio feature, as the Galaxy Buds application on the company's mobile device prematurely revealed some of the features of the Samsung headphones.

According to the reports, the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app, which can be used to control various smartwatches and headphones, has appeared in the Galaxy Store ahead of the deadline and includes a new update, Galaxy Buds Pro.

Similar to Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Buds Plus, and Galaxy Buds Live, Samsung has an equalizer with several basic in-app settings, customizable touch controls, and the ability to read notifications and find my headphones. . And much more. Other functions.

There is also a section dedicated to noise cancellation, but this is slightly different from the one available on Galaxy Buds Live because it has play and pause options as well as ambient noise options in addition to simply switching, allowing external sounds to be entered through the microphone.

One of the new features is 3D audio for video clips. The app says: You can hear immersive sound in real time from all directions, so you feel like you're working when watching the video.

There is an old saying: place the headset close to the phone for the best possible experience. However, for this feature to function properly, you need a Samsung phone with Android 11 or higher.

Other headphones provide 3D sound for music instead of streaming movies in apps.

Samsung has also improved the left and right sound balance for people with certain hearing impairments.

Galaxy Buds Pro has a voice recognition feature that can automatically turn down the volume when the headphones detects that you are talking, so you can have a quick conversation without removing the headphones or pausing the music.

Sony has a similar function as the 1000XM4 headphones. When you start talking, the music stops.

The Galaxy Buds Pro is expected to be released with the Galaxy S21 series at the next Unpacked event in January.

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