Facebook has discovered that a Vietnamese company is linked to a well-known hacker
Facebook has discovered that a Vietnamese company is linked to a well-known hacker

Facebook cybersecurity investigators discovered that a hacker organization had long been suspected of spying on behalf of the Vietnamese government and contacted an IT company in Ho Chi Minh City.

The news published by Facebook on Friday was the first news of an offensive hacking operation by the company. If confirmed, it is a rare case of government-sponsored cyber espionage associated with any particular organization.

Over the years, these hackers, known as OceanOtus or APT32, have been accused of spying on political opponents, companies, and foreign officials. Reuters reported earlier this year that when the COVID-19 virus began spreading, the organization was trying to infiltrate the Chinese Ministry of Emergency Management and the city government of Wuhan.

Facebook said it discovered a link between the cyber attack previously attributed to OceanLotus and Vietnamese company CyberOne Group in Ho Chi Minh City. CyberOne refused to contact the hacker.

"We have nothing to do with OceanLotus," a person who runs the company’s now suspended Facebook page told Reuters. He said: You are wrong.

Facebook said: Hackers have used their platform to carry out a number of cyber attacks, some of which have used fake accounts to disguise themselves as extremists, companies and fans in order to deceive targets.

Facebook Chief Cyber ​​Security Nathaniel Gleicher (Nathaniel Gleicher) said his team found technical evidence that the CyberOne Facebook page was being used for hacking activities in addition to other OceanLotus attacks. The S account is linked.

He refused to reveal the exact evidence. This will make it difficult to monitor the organization in the future, he said. But he said: It includes the infrastructure of the Internet, malicious code, and other hacking tools and techniques.

"Actors in this area use very specific technologies and if we reveal how we are observing them, it will really affect our ability to discover more of these technologies," Equal said.

Team OceanLotus is very active in Southeast Asia, although not as popular in the West as some suspicious hacking operations sponsored by the Russian government.

Facebook said: Aside from Cyber ​​One, there isn't enough evidence to attribute OceanLotus to Cyber ​​One. The latter said: Other names are also used, such as: Cyber ​​One Technologies, HànhTinh Company Limited, Planet, and Diac as well.

Cyber ​​One publishes almost no information about itself on its website, except that about 200 employees offer a range of "basic security technologies."

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