Facebook is developing a smart news summary tool
Facebook is developing a smart news summary tool

Facebook has been trying to break into the news industry for many years. Last year, the company opened a special section for American users on its Facebook News website. He also hopes to expand the program to other countries such as Brazil, Germany and India.

However, this is not the only project undertaken by social networks in the field of news. According to a report by BuzzFeed News, Facebook is currently testing a new tool based on AI TL. DR - The term refers to information that is shorter than it is read. This tool is designed to aggregate news and rid readers of the difficulty in reading long messages.

According to the report, the company recently showed the tool at an internal meeting. There are also plans to add some features like: b. Audio annotations and assistants to answer questions about articles.

At first it sounds like a good idea. Since readers get a brief summary of an article, they won't have time to read it. However, there are actually similar tools on Reddit like: B. The AutoTLDR bot.

Since the Facebook history is full of news and editors, the news summaries will contain errors. At its best, AI can mistake an article's content analysis and then determine what part the content is made of based on its learning algorithm. In the worst case, it is possible to generate and spread false information.

Facebook also needs to train its algorithms to avoid quotes or contextual sentences from articles. Abstracts that are not an issue may conflict with the article or topic and vice versa.

In the past, researchers have successfully tricked AI systems into identifying offensive comments made with positive words online. Additionally, if the people behind the ads hack Facebook's article synthesis algorithm, they can write the stories in a way that includes the news they want to spread.

Numerous reports point to a plethora of misinformation issues on social media, many of which are caused by incorrect programming. In addition, even if it is a TL tool; Facebook's DR has not yet been released, but it may still attract criticism.

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