Sony launches an AI cooking project
Sony launches an AI cooking project

Sony established its Sony AI subsidiary in April with the goal of focusing on AI research and development with a focus on games, imaging and sensors.

The company has offices in Japan, the United States, and Europe and works with other Sony companies. Sony AI has now announced its first major research program, the Flagship Food Program, designed to boost the creativity and technology of chefs around the world.

Sony began investing in kitchen-based AI in April 2018 when the US subsidiary signed an agreement with Carnegie Mellon University to focus on research in artificial intelligence and robotics.

Sony said at the time that its initial research and development would focus on improving the way food is prepared, cooked and delivered, so it can apply the technology to create robots that can do the job. Food preparation complexes in other industries. According to an analysis by McKinsey & Company, 73% of restaurant employee activities are automated.

The new gastronomic display project includes an AI recipe preparation app and a robot that can assist chefs with cooking.

Sony AI announced that it used a variety of data sources to create the app, including: recipes and ingredient information (such as taste, aroma, flavor, molecular structure and nutritional content). Artificial intelligence training that can assist chefs in creating and designing recipes. The algorithm.

The company noted that creating recipes is a challenging area of ​​AI research due to endless standards of ingredients, restrictions on location, climate, time of year, and health and diet preferences. This must be considered.

Sony AI said: The app should not only prepare delicious food, but also preserve people's health and environmental sustainability.

An AI system that can prepare recipes may not be out of reach. IBM recently announced a partnership with McCormick & Company to use machine learning technology to create new flavors and foods. Watson, president of IBM, is a research project that aims to develop new recipes by analyzing the chemical composition of hundreds of different ingredients. More than 10,000 new dishes were created.

For Sony's upcoming AI-powered food processor, which has been temporarily dubbed "Chef's Assisted Cooking Robot", the company will support the entire cooking process from baking to finishing the dish using sensors and machine learning methods (for example, learning by imitation) ).

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