Galaxy S21 Ultra is equipped with six cameras
Galaxy S21 Ultra is equipped with six cameras

German blog WinFuture has shown all the details of the images of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra ahead of the event planned for January.

With this loophole, we now have a better idea of ​​the outlook, especially in the camera department, which appears to be a big part of Samsung's plan to compete with the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

According to reports, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has a telephoto lens with 3x and 10x zoom (72mm and 240mm equivalent focal lengths, respectively) and optical image stabilization.

The upcoming 10x telephoto lens features a foldable optical design similar to the Galaxy S20 series telephoto design.

Samsung is expected to offer hybrid zoom again, which is much longer than the 10x optical zoom.

The main 108MP camera uses a 24mm parabolic lens instead of 26mm, but it also has laser assisted autofocus.

Video could be the basis of Samsung's competition with Apple because video is an area in which software can do a lot without the right hardware.

Samsung has a lot of great video specs to announce publicly, with the Galaxy S21 Ultra having 8K photography for the iPhone 12 Pro Max instead of 4K.

The company said it will continue to improve its capabilities in this area, and the WinFuture report contains important non-camera details.

These specifications confirm that the screen size is 6.8 inches, and the refresh rate is between 1 and 120 Hz. This is a step to save battery power and it also supports the S Pen (sold separately).

Samsung is also using Apple as an example to sell Galaxy S21 devices without a charger.

Like Apple, Apple can cite environmental concerns as a driver of change, although skeptics suggest the move is good for the bottom line as well.

According to the reports, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has not yet revealed a release date or price, although reports suggest it could be announced on January 14th.

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