Microsoft is bringing Together Mode to Skype
Microsoft is bringing Together Mode to Skype

Microsoft announced that it will use the "General Mode" feature in its Skype messaging app. This appears to be a new attempt to re-establish the service's location in the video communications market in response to the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) COVID-19. This growth was seen during the pandemic-19.

This feature (by using Together mode using artificial intelligence technology to place users and other people in a virtual environment) is one of the best video calling features previously approved by the company for its video conferencing service. Difference.

To enable this feature, users need at least 5 people to own a webcam. With this feature, everyone is placed in a virtual environment as if they were sitting next to each other.

Users do not need to install the Skype app to take advantage of the public mode feature as it can run from the web version of the service, although an account is not required. Skype users can create Meet meetings and share the link with everyone.

Microsoft first introduced the "Party Mode" feature in July last year, which allows team users to hold meetings in a virtual environment so that they feel as though they are in a real meeting. The NBA began using this feature to bring basketball fans into the virtual experience of live games. Now it appears that Microsoft has decided to introduce features in Skype.

Since the emergence of the virus, the US software giant has begun to study the "common model". AI technology makes the user's face and shoulders flush as they actually sit together.

In addition to this new group mode feature, Microsoft Skype has added its own large network mode feature so that users can see pictures of everyone on the call at the same time.

The latest version of Skype is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and the web, includes more background options, and allows users to use their phone numbers to add friends to running calls.

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