Google is working hard to solve the biggest issue with the Chrome browser. Details here
Google is working hard to solve the biggest issue with the Chrome browser. Details here

According to the latest statistics from the W3Counter website, Google's Chrome browser is the most used web browser in the world as it accounts for more than 66% of the web browser market share across all operating systems.

However, there is a browser bug that worries many users as it consumes too many hardware resources, which generally affects its performance. However, Google appears to be working to fix this apparent bug.

All the details

Some reports indicated that in June Google tried to use Microsoft (chip heap) technology to drastically reduce RAM usage in Chrome. After the browser became unstable, Google ditched this method.

According to the official blog post, Google Chrome developers are now planning to try new things because they want to use the Windows 10 API (TerminateProcess) simply by closing the open tab or closing the browser. The browser process is completely finished. Terminating a process unconditionally ending a specific process and all of its threads.

This will make your browsing experience smoother and make Windows 10 less likely to crash. This can help prevent computer startup performance and sudden crashes when opening multiple tabs in the browser. They use weaker computers and generally expect their computers to perform better when using the browser.

If you use Chrome browser frequently and open and close many tabs even after closing the browser, some scripts will still be in your computer memory, allowing you to use computer resources in the background without them. Known.

With the help of the TerminateProcess function, the browser session and all of its threads can now be terminated unconditionally. You can think of this as a way to completely close the browser and prevent it from running in the background. , Which will share everything on the computer the browser is running on. Sources. Use it.

Using TerminateProcess is one of the ways in which there is an option for Google Chrome browsers. Browser user can close the "browser" tab or all selections and recover computer resources used by the browser immediately. Then the browser can run more stable and the overall resource consumption can be reduced. .

It should be noted that the Chrome browser (TerminateProcess) functionality is still being tested and is expected to be launched in the next version of the browser in early 2021. The new functionality is generally used in the background, but it is safe. Browser experience becomes more stable. You won't notice any computer performance problems or frequent browser crashes.

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