The World Health Organization launches the Corona virus application
The World Health Organization launches the Corona virus application

The World Health Organization (WHO) has launched a mobile app to provide the latest evidence and updates on Coronavirus.

The app is called WHO COVID-19 Updates and can obtain reliable information about the virus from health experts.

However, it does not offer features like contact tracking which is very popular in government-issued apps in many countries around the world.

The World Health Organization originally aired the coronavirus app in April. However, since the app should not be fully available, he removed it from the App Store shortly after its release.

The working principle of the new WHO app is similar to the original app released by the agency earlier this year.

WHO COVID-19 Updates is a global app that can limit the spread of the virus with updated safety information and advice.

Depending on your location, the app contains the latest real-time local news, information and notifications.

The main screen shows the number of national and global cases that have been counted so that people can keep up with the coronavirus outbreak.

You can also scroll down to see all of your basic hygiene habits. The app also provides you with a link that you can use to donate to the WHO Coronavirus Fund.

To provide detailed information about corona symptoms, the app includes a filter tab that lists severe and mild symptoms.

You can also find travel advice and virus protection information on the Learn tab of the app.

The app also lists error messages and answers to frequently asked questions about Coronavirus.

There is a dedicated statistical tab that allows you to view the latest cases of coronavirus infection on the website and around the world, as well as the most recent reported deaths from infectious diseases.

The OMS app is compatible with Android and iOS devices and requires at least Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0.

The app was originally limited to Nigeria and will soon be expanded to other English speaking countries.

The app can provide country-specific data for all important regions, regardless of their currently limited availability.

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