Google Stadia has arrived on iPhone and iPad
Google Stadia has arrived on iPhone and iPad

Google Stadia was launched on iOS more than a year ago, and Google's cloud gaming service now supports iPhone and iPad.

A few weeks after announcing support for upcoming iOS, the company launched a web app to access the service.

Google said: You need to update to iOS 14.3, which is a new iOS update released earlier this week.

This means that any user of the service, whether it is a free or paid account, can access Google Stadia's game library through an Apple device.

Like other competing cloud services, Google also uses the Safari mobile browser. Due to Apple's restrictions on cloud gaming applications, this means that gaming services in their current form are not available through the App Store.

You can access Google's cloud gaming service through the website through the Safari browser, or you can turn it into a progressive web app by creating a home screen icon to make it work the same way. From the original app.

Unlike the planned network version of Gevoria Now or Microsoft xCloud from Nvidia, Google Stadia offers a free tier with no restrictions. It now offers 2 free games and more free games.

In addition to a specially designed joystick for iOS, most games require the use of gamepads, and iOS supports Bluetooth for the Apple Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers. You can also use the service joystick. Google Games, but it's optional.

Google Stadia works as a cloud gaming platform that requires you to purchase games on that platform before it can stream from a nearby data center.

Recently added content includes "Cyberpunk 2077", "Assassin's Creed" and Valhalla.

You can choose to become a Stadia Pro subscriber. In addition to the games purchased on the platform, a subscription gives you access to a 4K game library and video streaming for $ 9.99 a month.

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