The Apple TV app is coming to Chromecast soon
The Apple TV app is coming to Chromecast soon

Google's latest Chromecast device, Google Chromecast with Google TV, has become a major missing app as the company announced that it will launch the Apple TV app in early 2021.

Google has said that the Apple TV app and Apple TV + Live Streaming Service, which requires a paid subscription, will be available on the latest Google Chromecast devices early next year.

Apple has historically reserved access to its services for its hardware ecosystem, but recently loosened controls to expand its service business.

Google said: The app will be available on other Android TV devices in the future.

This collaboration makes Google Chromecast with Google TV one of the few streaming devices with all the major video subscriptions.

According to Google, as an Apple TV + subscriber, you can listen to award-winning original shows, movies and documentaries from the world's most creative storytellers.

These include titles like Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, Defending Jacob, Greyhound, and Mariah Carey Magical Christmas Special.

The Apple TV app gives you access to a library of movies and TV shows that you have purchased from Apple, as well as premium programs and Apple TV channels.

The family sharing feature allows up to six family members to share channel subscriptions.

Google TV lets you watch Apple Originals based on your recommendations and search results, making it easy for you to find your favorite shows and movies.

You can also save it to a watchlist to watch it later.

The app works like other versions of Apple services on other devices, so subscribers can watch original shows, movies, and documentaries.

In addition, the Chromecast app allows Chromecast users to access the iTunes library purchased via TV shows and movies, as well as all the Apple TV channels they subscribe to.

Google said last week: The music service from Apple will be delivered through Google's smart speakers.

Apple made the Apple TV app available on Amazon Fire TV and the Roku platform last year.

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