OnePlus 8T Concept ... a phone that can change its color as needed
OnePlus 8T Concept ... a phone that can change its color as needed

OnePlus' OnePlus 8T concept is similar to the OnePlus 8T released two months ago, but it features a unique back cover design that allows movement tracking by changing the color of the radar unit.

According to OnePlus, this fading effect is achieved by applying ECMF electronic colors (under the glass on the back of the phone). By applying varying effort, the color can be changed from dark blue to light silver.

Also, the color can be changed to show phone notifications, for example B. Incoming calls, just like the notification lights that were on previous calls.

The motion tracking radar built into the OnePlus 8T Concept's rear view camera uses millimeter waves to reflect electromagnetic waves from the environment and enable the phone to detect, capture, locate and track objects.

The company said: This mmWave technology is borrowed from the 5G network, but the radar unit is separate from every mmWave communication unit on the phone.

Functionally, it's similar to the Pixel 4's radar-controlled motion detection technology, which lets you swipe your hand over your phone to skip paths or turn off alarms.

It can also detect your arrival to show notifications of time and event, the feature is cool, but Google will not pick it up in future phones.

OnePlus 8T Concept can also use a radar unit to track movement to do simple tasks, such as: for example, answer calls with gestures or provide advanced functions (such as recognizing the user's breathing).

It can also be used in conjunction with changing color to provide use cases so that the back can be changed to indicate an incoming call. Then you can accept or reject it with gestures without touching the phone itself.

The radar device can detect your breathing and then adjust the color of your back to suit your breathing, making the phone an effective biofeedback device.

Less than a year ago, OnePlus tested the OnePlus Concept One, where the rear camera is hidden with the help of electronic glass. However, the technology is not yet present on any of the company's flagship phones.

Like the previous concept, OnePlus has no plans to market the OnePlus 8T concept and is thus seen as a small show of what the company is doing.

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