Aquacomputer ULTITUBE D5 150 Reservoir with D5 PWM Pump
Aquacomputer ULTITUBE D5 150 Reservoir with D5 PWM Pump

ULTITUBE series expansion tank is equipped with borosilicate glass tube, which is different from the glass usually used in tube expansion tanks. It features high hardness, scratch resistance, ultra-low thermal expansion and excellent chemical resistance. Resistance and heat resistance. The outer glass tube diameter is 65mm and the wall thickness is 5mm. The two ends of the glass tube are tightly connected to a metal ring made of black anodized aluminum that does not come into contact with the coolant. The base and cover of the ULTITUBE series are made of corrosion-resistant acetal and screwed into a glass tube. After loosening the cap, the expansion tank can be filled with a larger opening.

A thin stainless steel mesh filter element was installed at the bottom of the container. Not only is it a particulate filter, but it also separates air bubbles. The filter element is integrated into the cast rubber part and can, for example, be rinsed under running water. The seal on top of the glass tube is also designed as a part of easy-to-assemble cast rubber that can be placed firmly when the cap is attached.

When developing an expansion tank, care must be taken to ensure the best flow rate so that the pump runs very quietly and smoothly.

  • The Aqua Computer D5 PWM pump is installed directly on the bottom of the expansion tank.
  • The PWM signal can be used to adjust the pump performance and the tachometer screen can also be used to monitor the pump operation.
  • The electronic operation of the pump ball motor is very quiet and has a long service life.
  • The scope of delivery includes fastening materials for side / back wall mounting or vertical mounting. Includes four removable soft rubber screwdrivers.
  • Attention: there is no seal for the expansion vessel, please order the appropriate fitting separately

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