Singularity Computers Protium D5 Pump Top Polished Acrylic
Singularity Computers Protium D5 Pump Top Polished Acrylic

After years of development and design, the Protium D5 43 pump cap has now been redesigned. It has 3 ports and one port for improved ring orientation. Except for one outlet, all other outlets have a 90 degree angle so that the tube can be cleaned. The distance between all connections is large enough, even the largest attachments can be used. The coolant can be attached directly in three different directions via the universal back panel (sold separately). It has a unique threaded cap design and can be attached alone over the pump or directly to the water tank. Inner flow design is optimized with automatic spirals and high-precision wheel bearings for better performance. Top choices for the Protium D5 Pump include ultra-clear polished acrylic, acrylic, and the popular Acetal Singularity PCs. The unique PC surface protection function gives our products the best chemical resistance and the longest service life.

Specifications and items include:

  • D5 upper protium pump: acrylic molding, CNC machining, polishing, surface treatment. x1
  • Protium D5 Top Pump Cover: Acrylic Casting, CNC Machining, Polishing, Surface Treatment. x1
  • SC-Stop accessories: Brass, CNC Machining, Powder Coating, Black, Laser Engraving. X3.
  • White silicone ring 70 tolerances: O-ring x1 per case. Protium D5 O-ring. x1
  • Episode O Buna 50 Black: O.x3 removed.
  • Stainless Steel Fixings: M4 8mm Countersunk Hexagonal Head. X2.
  • Peel off the copper wire: M4 6 mm. 2 times
  • Dimensions: Pump top: 46mm high x 76mm wide x 78mm long (including D5 top cap)

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