AZFUNN New 2-in-1 Smart Car Cup Warmer
AZFUNN New 2-in-1 Smart Car Cup Warmer

AZFUNN New 2 in 1 Smart Car Heater 12V 3A Electric Coffee Beverage Cooler Maker with Temperature Display and Heating Cup on the go

 Red light is in heating mode

Press the heating button and the LED indicator lights up in red. At this time, the operating modes of the car cup heater and the radiator bracket are heated up. Press the heating button again to turn off the heating.

Blue light is on, cooling mode

Press the cooling button and the blue LED will light up. At this time, the working modes are cooled for the cooler support and cup heating. Press the cooling button again to stop cooling.

Keep drinks hot and cold

For outdoor picnics or long-distance travel, it can be used to keep your baby's bottle warm so that you can always drink milk at an appropriate temperature to prevent your baby from drinking milk. Cold milk and affects your baby's body.

Display working temperature

The built-in heater and cooler has a temperature display that shows the current temperature instantly. Note: The displayed temperature is cup temperature, which is warmer and cooler during operation, not brew temperature. It will take some time for the drink to reach screen temperature. The longer the working hours, the lower the temperature of the drink until the temperature drops to 3-5 degrees Celsius. It takes time to reach the screen temperature using the preheat function.

Thermal dispersion

The lower part is the air inlet, and the wind gives off heat through the radiator from the upper hatch. The ultra-quiet cooling system, good heat dissipation and low noise do not affect work and life.

Humanized design

Metal cooling panels and radiator contribute to fast heat transfer. It is best to use a thin, flat-bottomed drink container. The greater the area of ​​contact between the beverage container and the cooling plate, the faster the temperature will drop or rise.

You can add a small amount of water to the cooling pad. Please note that the maximum water level should not exceed the specified value in order for your drink to be as cold as possible.

The stand base is removable

If there is not enough space, you can use the base to improve the heat dissipation effect and the cooling effect.

AZFUNN New 2-in-1 Smart Car Cup Warmer
AZFUNN New 2-in-1 Smart Car Cup Warmer

  •  Heating and cooling: 2 new cup holders in the car to heat or cool drinks. This car cup holder can hold 2.8 inch diameter cups or cans. Cooling and heating modes to choose from, the temperature range is 38-140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Simple operation: one button for heating or cooling, connect the car heater and coolant adapter directly to the cigarette lighter, you only need to press the heating or cooling button as required (blue light means cooling, red light means heating).
  • Temperature display: When using the smart car cup, it shows the current heating or cooling temperature, and you can know the exact drink temperature required when heating or cooling the beverage.
  • The perfect gift: This car coffee heater is the perfect companion for your business or business trip. You can have a cold drink or hot coffee anytime anywhere. Best gift for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthday, etc.
  • Note: This product cannot lower the temperature of the beverage to 5 ° C or heat it to 55 ° C in a short time (3-5 minutes). We give you a long time (for example 1 day) and we can keep the drink at about 5 or 55 degrees. It takes about 30 minutes to heat or cool the drink, then it can be stored at the desired temperature.

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