BonJour Coffee & Tea Smart Brewer
BonJour Coffee & Tea Smart Brewer

The innovative and high-quality BonJour Smart coffee and tea pump can make the most of your tea. This smart and durable plastic tea set is designed to brew and serve loose leaf tea for perfect results. Just put your favorite loose tea in the basket, pour hot water into it and savor it. The clear plastic design allows you to monitor the strength of the tea as it steeps. To dispense, place the Smart Brewer on one or more cups, hold the knob with one hand and press the side switch with the other hand. A high quality stainless steel strainer keeps tea leaves in the brewing machine. The infusion is also ideal for hot or cold coffee. A coarse grind is recommended for best results. For cleaning, the line filter and the rubber stopper can be removed and the teapot can be placed in the dishwasher conveniently.


Be it French coffee, cold drink or coffee - you can try and enjoy our handcrafted coffee with Bonjour any time of the day.


Stylish and sturdy teapot made of borosilicate glass and teak dagger crafted from stainless steel to ensure the perfect tea.

Boss Tools

With Bonjour Chef Tools, you can draw the perfect line at every meal.

BonJour Coffee & Tea Smart Brewer
BonJour Coffee & Tea Smart Brewer

  •  Durable Teapot: The multifunctional coffee maker and tea set are made of 100% BPA free material with long lasting performance
  • Removable basket and stopper: The stainless steel mesh basket and rubber stopper are removable for easy cleaning
  • ONE SIZE FOR EVERYONE: The infusion can hold up to 19.5 ounces of coffee or tea, and tea and coffee cups measuring 4 inches in diameter for one cup
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The teapots and coffee can be placed securely on the upper basket for easy cleaning
  • Quality control

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