Bonsenkitchen Programmable Thermal Coffee Machine
Bonsenkitchen Programmable Thermal Coffee Machine

Bonsenkitchen 10 Cups Programmable Hot Coffee Maker Stainless Steel Coffee Maker With Kettle 52 Oz Coffee Maker With Permanent Filter Basket

 With a stainless steel thermos bottle

Bonsenkitchen's Programmable Thermal Coffee Machine is a durable 10-filter coffee machine made of stainless steel that's perfect for any coffee lover. You can wake up fresh coffee with the 24-hour automatic function. Long-lasting heat protection The heat protection jug can keep your coffee hot for several hours without affecting the flavor. After brewing, you can enjoy coffee for hours. The quick programming button is easy to use.

Easy to clean

The removable filter makes cleaning easier and more convenient.

Pour perfectly

The ideal nozzle does not drip and prevents the rest of the coffee from flowing into the pan after the brewing process is complete

Transparent water window

The transparent water window can clearly see the water level when filling the water to prevent flooding.

Bonsenkitchen Programmable Thermal Coffee Machine
Bonsenkitchen Programmable Thermal Coffee Machine

  •  ☕ Fully Programmable: The fully programmable function can wake up a hot cup of coffee. The programmable timer allows you to set the brewing time up to 12 hours in advance, saving you time and simplifying your morning routine. Get delicious fresh coffee quickly and in minutes.
  • Auto shut-off: If you forget to turn off the filter coffee machine when you are busy. do not worry. The automatic shutdown every hour automatically cuts off the power supply and has obvious advantages in terms of energy consumption. Easy to use, only 4 buttons are needed for operation.
  • Easy to use: You can add water through the removable cover and see the volume of water clearly through the transparent window full of water. The removable filter is easy to clean. The fully automatic design of this feature is easy to use. With this filter coffee machine, you can prepare delicious coffee as fast as your barista.
  • ☕ Permanent coffee filter: long lasting high density filter. The coffee is sweet and smooth. After rinsing, lifting and cleaning, the filter basket can be used for quick and easy cleaning. By using the coffee machine filter, you can save the cost of the paper filter.
  • ☕ 10 STAINLESS STEEL CUPS: This Filter Coffee Maker is equipped with a SUS 304 stainless steel thermos, which can hold 10-12 cups of coffee or water, which can meet the needs of most families. Unlike the bottle, the stainless steel thermos bottle can keep the temperature of the liquid in the bottle for a long time.

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