KINGTOO Coffee Machine with Milk Frother
KINGTOO Coffee Machine with Milk Frother

Kingtoo Coffee Machine with Milk Frother, Single Serve Coffee Maker for K Cups and Coffee Powder, 2 in 1 Power Control and Self-Cleaning Function, Built-in Kingtoo Coffee Machine from 6 to 14 oz

 Enjoy your coffee!

After brewing coffee for a while, the brewed coffee gradually loses its best taste. Therefore, only drink the amount of coffee you drink. Otherwise, you can pour the coffee into an insulated thermos and use it in under an hour.

While brewing coffee, try coffee, carefully absorbing the aroma and paying attention to the taste of each bite. Lots of people played it into your cup.

K-CUP and coffee powder

You can either add ground coffee to the basket or use K-cup capsules, add a reasonable amount of water, then press the appropriate button to make delicious coffee.

Moisture gauge (6 oz - 14 oz)

Here you can specify the amount of coffee to control the strength of the coffee.

Automatic shutdown

This coffee machine shuts itself off automatically after brewing a cup of coffee. Don't forget to include it.

Cold blister and hot blister

The Kingtoo Electric Milk Frother offers you two frothing options. Whether you like frothy milk or cold milk like silk, you can have both.

Fast Freezing

Provides creamy and frothy milk froth in one minute without reducing the smell of milk. Very suitable for preparing delicious lattes.

Easy to clean

The two-layer design uses a stainless steel vacuum beaker coated with a layer of stainless steel for insulation, and is very easy to clean. Just wipe it with a damp cloth.

KINGTOO Coffee Machine with Milk Frother
KINGTOO Coffee Machine with Milk Frother

  •  [2 in 1 Beverage Style] Since only one brewer is compatible with standard K-Cup capsules, you can enjoy a variety of drinks with the push of a button. You can also use the stainless steel bottom basket to pick out old ground coffee beans.
  • [Multifunctional Electric Milk Frother] This multi-functional milk frother can be converted into a dense milk heater, ventilated milk heater, cold milk frother, milk heater, etc., giving you a variety of options. You can make your favorite cappuccino, coffee, macchiato, latte and hot chocolate.
  • [Compact Design] The base is 7.8 "x 5.3" high and 11.7 "high, which is great for small surfaces. Although small in size, it comes with a 14-ounce water tank large enough for brewing without the need for constant refilling. The can is divided into 6, 10, 12 and 14 ounce slices so you can decide how much coffee you need.
  • [Automatic shutdown and self-cleaning] after using the single coffee machine. Simply press the two buttons on the side to start self-cleaning. When finished, the machine will stop automatically and save energy.
  • [Lightweight and Durable] The Kingtoo Brewery weighs less than 3 pounds and is one of the lightest single-cup coffee makers on the market. Do not think it is fragile. Made of stainless steel and BPA free plastic, it is durable enough to withstand normal driving.

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