Capresso 624.02 Ice Tea Maker
Capresso 624.02 Ice Tea Maker

 Add your favorite loose-fitting tea or tea bags to the reusable filter. The portable water tank can be filled directly into the water collection tank. Before fermenting, fill the glass jug with ice until you reach the level of ice specified in the jug. You can also add fresh or frozen fruits before or after brewing to make a refreshing tea. Use the slider on the front of the machine to adjust the brewing strength and have a stronger sliding arm so that you can enjoy the tea properly. Pour the iced tea directly into the jug and store it in the refrigerator after brewing. Includes a cookbook with 18 delicious recipes. You can find more recipes on the Capresso Blog. The Capresso iced tea maker is also ideal for iced coffee drinks. However, it is recommended to use a separate filter for the coffee so that the flavor transfer does not occur. Other water filters and tanks can be purchased

Custom drink

Just press the button to make a cold ice tea can

View and save

Nice 2.5L glass jug with removable lid and simple pouring spout

Flavor enhancers

You can easily adjust the intensity of the adjustment from medium to intensity

Capresso 624.02 Ice Tea Maker
Capresso 624.02 Ice Tea Maker

  •  EASY TO USE: Made with loose tea or tea bags - refreshing iced tea in minutes
  • Glass Jug: The 80 ounce glass jug is dishwasher safe
  • Personalization: Add your favorite sweetener, fresh or frozen fruits for endless delicious recipes
  • Adjustable flavor: Personalize your drink with our adjustable flavor enhancers
  • Easy to clean: The permanent filter and removable filter basket ensure dishwasher safety
  • Note: For more information, refer to the instruction manual in PDF format in the product description.

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