Primula Press Double Iced Tea Brewer Tumbler
Primula Press Double Iced Tea Brewer Tumbler

Primula PHJA-16TE01 Press & Go Double Iced Tea Cup with Strainer, 16oz, Blue and Green

In just 3 simple steps, you can enjoy the delicious and refreshing taste of iced tea anytime and anywhere: drink tea, tea or baking tea) and hot water in an outdoor pressure cooker - after soaking, fill the cavity with ice, press it out and enter the chamber. Fill up with a waterproof cover and take it with you

 Iced tea in a few minutes

Press & Go is the unique solution that allows you to enjoy delicious iced tea anytime, anywhere. It can be used with tea bags or loose tea leaves, so that you can enjoy your favorite tea notes anytime, anywhere.

To save money

Never stop, now you can prepare your favorite iced tea and enjoy it at work, in the garden, or even in the car!

Easy to clean

Not only does Press & Go make it easy to enjoy iced tea on the go, it's also organized. The entire cup is dishwasher safe. When you are done with your favorite tea, you can put it in the dishwasher. he is

Iced tea is meant to be taken away

Use Press & Go to create flavor anywhere! If you can prepare the perfect meal with your favorite bulk or packed tea to make your own iced tea, you will no longer have to accept inferior tastes and brands of tea.

With Press & Go, you can also save on disposable plastics, which are packaged ready-to-drink iced tea, which can reduce the amount of plastic waste landfill.

Primula Press Double Iced Tea Brewer Tumbler
Primula Press Double Iced Tea Brewer Tumbler

  •  Enjoy iced tea anytime, anywhere - use this worry-free cup of Press & Go Iced Tea to brew iced tea anytime, anywhere. Prepare any type of bulk or bottled tea leaves, then add lemons, limes, peaches, vanilla and other fruits. The stainless steel mesh filter is high quality and easy to filter from loose leaf tea leaves, so you can enjoy pure and refreshing iced tea your own way
  • Easy-to-Clean Design - Ultra-easy-to-clean design is dishwasher safe, so you don't have to worry about hand washing. Just put it in the dishwasher!
  • Leakproof Lid - The top lid is a convenient way to enjoy your iced tea with you. It provides a comfortable fit so you can place this mug in your gym bag, wallet, car cup holder, etc. without worrying about spillage or damage. The top lid design is great for multitasking and the tea beverage can be opened hands-free.
  • The sturdy two-layer Tritan plastic design provides a smudge-proof and shatter-resistant double-layer crystal plastic that allows you to prepare hot or cold drinks directly in your cup of tea without sweating from cold water or hot hands.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS - This mug is BPA free and made of premium quality materials. It is a healthy drink choice. Reusable cups are also important for the environment because it reduces the use of single-use plastic for single-use iced tea drinks.

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