Chefman Electric Programmable Glass Tea Kettle
Chefman Electric Programmable Glass Tea Kettle

Chefman 1.7L Programmable Electric Glass Teapot, Quick Hot Water Kettle, One-Button Operation, 7 Cups Cooker, Rotating Base and Battery Pour, Auto Shut-off

The Chefman Glass Electric Kettle is the perfect choice for fast fermentation water that meets all beverages and ready-to-food needs. It boils water faster than a microwave or oven, so you spend less time waiting for the water to warm up before a busy day. The kettle is also equipped with bright LED lights that illuminate when water boils. With one button, seven cups of hot water can be rinsed out in seven minutes. This is useful for entertaining guests or families on the go. The cordless case and 360 ° rotatable base are easy to use and fold away. This design is useful for right- or left-handed people. For added safety, the teapot turns off automatically when boiling water, so you don't have to worry about boiling it to dry. With the Schiffmann Glass Electric Kettle, you can easily enjoy your favorite coffee, tea or matcha. Click, pour and drink!

Simple one-button operation

You can easily boil all types of water from coffee, tea, or hot chocolate to oatmeal, pasta, baby bottles and much more!

7 + cup capacity

With 1.7L capacity, you can prepare it all day long or for the whole family. For added safety, the kettle shuts off automatically after boiling the water - you don't have to worry about boiling it dry.

Easy open cap

The easy open cap has a wide opening that makes cleaning the kettle easy and inconvenient

LED lights

When the kettle boils, the LED indicator lights up in light blue. The boiling speed is faster than the oven and microwave method.

The kettle can be easily lifted from its 360-degree rotatable base so the sink can be easily filled into the sink and the power cord is out of the way during use. It can also be returned to the power supply from any direction, which is very helpful for right and left users.

Chefman Electric Programmable Glass Tea Kettle
Chefman Electric Programmable Glass Tea Kettle

  •  EXTREMELY FAST: The Chefman No.1 Glass Electric Kettle can reach a boil in 7 minutes. Compared to the microwave or stovetop method, the water boils faster, so you spend less time waiting for delicious hot drinks. And I have more time to enjoy
  • Clear display and screen display: There are bright LED lights on the kettle that lights up when the water boils. While watching the boiling water, enjoy the soothing light you witness through the clear glass plate. As a guide, measure the volume of the jar to see how many liters will be poured into the kettle.
  • Multifunctional: Use a teapot to quickly boil 1.7 liters of water, from tea to instant coffee, hot cocoa, oatmeal, instant soup to pasta. A large kettle can boil up to seven cups at a time. This equipment is ideal for receiving guests or just for preparing a brunch
  • Quick Design: The kettle can be removed from its 360-degree rotatable base and is easy to lift and load into the sink. The sleek wireless design provides impeccable service. You can control and operate the device again from any direction, which is very useful for both right-handed and left-handed users
  • Resources: cETL certified for advanced safety technology, long-lasting durability, and a 1-year Chefman Warranty so you can shop safely - we stand with you! For more information on how to use the product, please scroll down to the PDF user guide. 1100 watts / 120 volts.

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