Elite Gourmet EKT-1271 BPA Free Electric Kettle
Elite Gourmet EKT-1271 BPA Free Electric Kettle

Elite Gourmet EKT-1271 Ultimate Cordless Kettle 360 ​​° BPA Free, Slim Interior with Blue LED Light, Manual Power Off Function - 1.7 Liters of Stainless Steel for Fast Brewing Tea and More

1.7 Liter Elite Platinum Cordless Kettle made of stainless steel

The elegant stainless steel Elite Platinum cordless kettle is a stylish addition to a modern kitchen. This versatile 7.2 cup capacity is perfect for boiling water for tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soups, instant noodles and more. The kettle features functions such as automatic shutdown, 360 ° cordless base, and dry boil protection.

Heat up instantly

Enjoy your drink immediately. Unlike heating water in an oven, this cordless kettle can heat water in a short time. 7.2 cups capacity to provide you and your friends a lot of drinks.

Sip hot lemon or cocoa tea on a cold winter's day. The choice of boilers is almost unlimited. You can share the excitement with your friends too! The kettle is a great gift for your loved one.

Do you like a delicious and wonderful cup of tea or coffee? It's your lucky day!

Now you don't have to wait hours for the oven water to boil! In just a few minutes, you can finally enjoy a refreshing tea or a delicious hot chocolate! what do you say?

Elite Platinum launched the Ultimate 1.7L stainless steel kettle.

Unlike other inexpensive kettles that take long to boil or decompose, the Elite Platinum EKT-1271 Cordless Water Teapot can instantly boil water and stand the test of time!

Elite Gourmet EKT-1271 BPA Free Electric Kettle
Elite Gourmet EKT-1271 BPA Free Electric Kettle

  •  It is the fastest way to enjoy delicious tea every day! You don't have to wait long for a cup of tea! With the Elite Platinum cordless kettle, you can enjoy a hot cup of tea quickly and easily! Just pour water into the 1.7L water tank and press the button! Exhibition!
  • When combined with superior quality design and excellent craftsmanship, the result will exceed your highest expectations. The sturdy and elegant stainless steel kettle with elegant blue LED interior lighting make your life easier and give your work surface a modern luxury.
  • Thanks to the large overflow nozzle with mesh filter and perfect flood resistance, there will be no overflow again! Plus, you can enjoy aromatic tea, refreshing coffee or delicious hot chocolate anytime, anywhere! With a capacity of 1.7 liters (or 7.2 cups) you always have enough hot water to drink tea, instant noodles, soups or other recipes!
  • It is so simple and convenient that anyone can use it with ease! The auto shut off function ensures that the kettle shuts down when the water starts to boil, so you don't have to worry! Just adjust and forget! Plus, the practical on / off switch is the only knowledge you need to learn! No complicated instructions, no complicated parts!
  • Your satisfaction is our priority! Our goal is to make life in the kitchen easier for you. That's why we've developed this excellent kettle! To show our confidence in using kitchen tools to solve problems, we are proud to offer you a one-year limited warranty! If you have any questions, contact us and we will replace it for you!

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