COMSOON CG-KF-06S Portable Hand Manual Coffee Grinder
COMSOON CG-KF-06S Portable Hand Manual Coffee Grinder

COMSOON Adjustable Manual Coffee Grinder Portable Manual Coffee Grinder Portable Ceramic Conical Coffee Grinder Stainless Steel Espresso Coffee Grinder French Press Turkish Drink

 Kumson Manual Coffee Grinder

Manual coffee grinders differ from automatic coffee grinders that have fixed proportions and standards. It is this uncertainty and every change in the grinding process that gives this handcrafted cup of coffee a unique taste and aroma.

Everyone is so busy and anxious at this hectic time. On a quiet afternoon, why not just sit back and sip a cup of hand-ground coffee and indulge yourselves?

High quality materials

The metal body makes the coffee grinder more elegant and organized. All ingredients are made of stainless steel and FDA approved food grade plastics that are healthy and safe.

Economical foldable crane

Comfortable crank (120mm long) provides effective lifting force, making grinding easy and smooth while constantly eliminating noise.

Great gift

This hand grinder offers your friends and family very organized, warm and practical gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day and other occasions.

 Fine grinding

Built-in adjustable hand grinder with more than 20 settings, you can prepare infusion, drip, cold brew, French press, beaker, turkey, espresso, herbal or hot grind.

Grind the pottery to get a pure taste

The cone shaped ceramic grinding wheel grinding mechanism does not create thermal conductivity to keep the coffee taste and aroma pure.

Easy to install

The sealing lock design can connect and close the grinding cup and the hopper lid together easily without worrying about metal expansion or misalignment.

COMSOON CG-KF-06S Portable Hand Manual Coffee Grinder
COMSOON CG-KF-06S Portable Hand Manual Coffee Grinder

  •  ☕ [Adjustable Grinding Wheel] Simply turn the grinding wheel anticlockwise or clockwise. Our manual coffee grinder can precisely control grinding coarse powder into fine powder and is suitable for any kind of brewing method for example french press, cold bubble, drip irrigation, spillage, etc. • Part of the visual base allows for better attention and control over the size of the ground coffee.
  • ☕ Keep the coffee aroma the professional design of the ceramic conical grinder makes the grinding process more detailed and the coffee powder more uniform. At the same time, it prevents the coffee beans from overheating during the grinding process and the original aroma remains strong for better coffee taste. Perfect for coffee lovers.
  • ☕ Easy to carry, weighing only 10.5 ounces. In addition, it has a very compact foldable handle. Provides more space for your luggage when camping, hiking, traveling or on a business trip. Even when you're not there, you can sit back and enjoy a cup of handcrafted coffee.
  • Environmental protection and mute] Manual grinding, no battery needed. The triangle bottle body is firmer, easier to hold and more smooth. The coffee bean grinder can effectively avoid the noise generated by the electric grinder by more than 90% and create a calm atmosphere. You never have to worry that the morning will disturb the dreams of your loved ones.
  • Our coffee grinder is sturdy and made of stainless steel of food grade 304. It is more durable than plastic or glass base. The wear-resistant ceramic blades ensure a longer service life. All parts are removable, which means the remaining corners can be cleaned more deeply. Leave it to dry completely before assembly.

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