SHARDOR Electric Coffee Grinder with 14 Grinding Levels, Adjustable Burr Grinder and Coffee Bean Grinder for Espresso, Filter Coffee, French Press and Coffee including Cleaning Brush

SHARDOR coffee grinder

SHARDOR CG825B uses a metal extrusion system to grind coffee beans, which is effective in avoiding high temperatures compared to any other grinder. In addition, the system can produce semicircular coffee powder that is easy to prepare and shows the richness, complexity and freshness of the coffee.

You can adjust the roughness and quantity settings to suit your needs. This is why it's perfect for any brewing process you use, whether it's espresso, auto drip, or French press.

Metal blade system

Avoid overheating and oxidizing the coffee beans to preserve the basic taste and aroma of the coffee beans and to get a better taste.

Customizable grinding size

14 grind options, from very fine to very coarse, for every brewing process.

The amount you need

You can choose between 2 and 12 cups so that you can brew as needed.

Funnel beans

The funnel can easily contain 60 grams of coffee beans. The cap is transparent and allows you to review the grinding process.


Turn the drill clockwise to remove it. You can use the included brush to clean.

Moving part

The chamber with the hood can be removed for transporting and cleaning powder.

SHARDOR Electric Burr Coffee Grinder with 14 Grind Settings
SHARDOR Electric Burr Coffee Grinder with 14 Grind Settings

  •  14 grinding settings: The electric coffee grinder provides 14 grind sizes. Size varies from best quality (ground espresso) to raw options (for French press or cold brewery).
  • ADJUSTABLE QUANTITY (2 TO 12 CUPS): This coffee grinder is large capacity and can make 12 cups of ground coffee. It is suitable for a large gathering of one person or a few people. Great for home or in the office!
  • Standardized coffee powder: The coffee powder produced by the stainless steel mill is of good and uniform quality, which better preserves the natural aroma and taste of coffee and creates a rich, rich aftertaste.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The upper chamber, silo and mill inside the machine can be easily disassembled for cleaning. After grinding, you can also clean the internal coffee grinder with a cleaning brush.
  • Compact design: The electric grinding wheel is compact and has high quality. Your best choice to buy a treadmill!

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