Dezin Window-Glass Double Wall Electric Kettle
Dezin Window-Glass Double Wall Electric Kettle

Dezin kettle, double wall kettle with glass window, bi-color LED lighting with heat protection function, 1.5 liter hot water boiler with automatic shutdown function and dry burning technology for coffee and tea

 Suggestions for thermal protection function

    The heat protection function can only be activated when the water temperature is above 60 ° C. After cooking, you can press the keep warm button. If the water temperature decreases slowly over time, the keep warm function is activated and the water temperature remains at 50-70 ° C.

    If the water temperature is below 50 ° C or below, you must boil the water above 60 ° C before using the keep warm function.

    Please do not press the power switch and the heating button at the same time to extend the life of the kettle.

Two colors LED

The two-color LED design is the market leader. When other boiler functions are activated, the LED indicator flashes blue and green alternately.

Humanized design

With the removable base, you don't have to put up with constant cord clogging. With the convenient handle, you can also fill with water easily.

Enjoy coffee at home

1.5 liter capacity gives you 6 cups of water to enjoy coffee and tea all day long.

Dezin Window-Glass Double Wall Electric Kettle
Dezin Window-Glass Double Wall Electric Kettle

  •  [Glass window and double glazed design. The kettle features a classic double layer structure concept and a completely new glass shop window design, which combines safe touch functions with a unique visual experience. A glass window allows you to measure the ideal volume of boiling water, and a thick outer wall ensures that the outer layer is always cooler than a regular glass boiler to avoid accidental burns and cracks.
  • [Dual Color LED and Heat Protection Function] Dezin lighting kettle uses two-color variable LED system. When the temperature rises, the blue light collects in the water and circulates in the water. The heat retention function is activated together. ° F / 50 ° C to 158 ° F / 70 ° C The heat preservation function can provide the right temperature for tea and coffee and help penetrate the flavor completely to give you a more authentic taste.
  • 【Borosilicate glass and 304 stainless steel, all glass is made of special borosilicate glass that is known for its heat and shatter resistance. The bottom cover and inner cover are made of 100% food grade stainless steel 304, which when heated, can create natural water smell without special smell.
  • [Safe Boiled Water Once the water boils, this smart kettle will automatically turn off. If there is no water in the kettle to boil, the power switch will be automatically turned off to protect the heating element and ensure a longer life of the boiler. With a capacity of 1.5 liters, you can prepare water for coffee, tea and drinks once a day.
  • [Worry-Free Service Dezin always strives to meet customer needs and gauge customer satisfaction to determine the success of our business. If there is any problem with our products, please feel free to contact us. We will always take care of you until you are satisfied!

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