LOUTYTUO Travel Foldable Electric Kettle
LOUTYTUO Travel Foldable Electric Kettle

Advanced Travel Silicone Collapsible Drying Kettle Drying Protection Dual Voltage 555ml Portable Power Cord 110-220V US Plug

LOUTYTUO 700W double voltage electric kettle. The kettle uses food grade organic silicone and a 304 stainless steel hot plate with a large amount of water (555ml). Heating can be completed in 3 minutes and the speed is much faster than in a microwave. The collapsible boiler is ideal for trips under a double voltage of 110/220 volts. Very suitable for travel, holidays and camping. The design has an illuminated power indicator as well as dry fire protection and automatic shutdown functions for double protection. This foldable kettle is ideal for quickly preparing tea or coffee.

    Pressure cooking: Equipped with bright LEDs to indicate kettle is heating. The SpeedBoil controller boils water in a jiffy and can be used with tea, coffee, pasta, etc.

    Dual Voltage: 110V / 220V works worldwide, no bulky adapters are required to be carried when traveling.

    Put the correct voltage regulator 110 or 220 on the bottom of the kettle before use!
    The voltage in USA (USA) / Canada (Canada) / Japan (Japan) is 110V and the voltage in Europe / Asia is 220V.

    Keep warm: Once the water temperature drops below 75 ° C, the keep warm function is automatically heated to boiling point.

    If you want the water to warm itself, bring it to a boil.
    When you no longer need to heat the water, turn the switch to turn off the machine and turn it on again.

    Dry Boil Protection: If you accidentally run the kettle without water, the dry boil protection function will be activated to automatically shutdown. This function can extend the life of your kettle.
    Automatic shutdown: Once the water boils, the indicator light turns off and indicates that the boiler will stop automatically. You do not have to close manually.

LOUTYTUO Travel Foldable Electric Kettle

  •  Food Safety Protection: Made of PBA free protective material, suitable for food. The heating plate and kettle cover are made of 304 stainless steel.
  • Ultra-slim design: folded size: 170 * 139 * 132mm; Unfolded size: 149 * 139 * 50mm, with foldable storage bag with zipper: 6.5 * 8cm.
  • One button design: very easy to use, just press the button, the water boils in 3-5 minutes, once the temperature drops below 75 degrees, the water heats up on its own.
  • Detachable power handle and handle: You can detach the power cord and the handle from the main body of the kettle for easy storage and pouring water.
  • Dual voltage optional: The dual voltage 110V / 220V can be used all over the world. You can change it at the bottom of the kettle. Set the voltage to 110 volts before use in the US.

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