KLYDZ Manual Hand Coffee Bean Grinder
KLYDZ Manual Hand Coffee Bean Grinder

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High quality materials
304 stainless steel and ceramic manual coffee grinder can ensure the long-lasting durability and high-quality grinding effect of coffee beans, which can be adjusted to any size you want - coarse, medium and fine

Multifunctional machine:

This coffee grinder can not only grind coffee beans, but also can grind pepper beans, coffee beans, etc.

Easy to use, quiet and compact:

Simply fill the grinder with coffee beans and turn on the crank to grind, it's that simple, no batteries, wires or flexible cables required. The coffee bean grinder mechanism continuously eliminates more than 90% of the noise from the electric grinder, creating a calm atmosphere.


Whether you are in the kitchen, camping, hiking, or grilling indoors or outdoors, our coffee and spice grinder delivers the freshest flavors, making it the ideal choice for camping.


For fine grinding, this ceramic cone crusher provides the best, most uniform grinding and can be easily adjusted for coarse cold fermented particles or finely graded espresso grind

KLYDZ Manual Hand Coffee Bean Grinder
KLYDZ Manual Hand Coffee Bean Grinder

  •  Adjustable Grinder: This manual coffee grinder can be set to any size you want - coarse, medium or fine, including over 15 disc settings designed for cold brewing, French pressing and drip grinding, pouring, Italian style espresso, Turkish coffee, etc.
  • Keep the coffee taste fresh: the ceramic blades do not burn the coffee beans, do not make the grinding process finer, and the coffee powder is more uniform.
  • Great for travel: It's small enough to fit in your pocket on the fly. Thanks to its compact size, you can use this manual coffee grinder almost anywhere.
  • Quiet and Eco-friendly manual coffee grinder can be used without battery, power supply unit or long plastic cable. With the hand crank, you can grind quietly anytime anywhere.
  • Safety lock: Each manual coffee grinder comes with a non-slip cover to store the handle and prevent the grinder from slipping out of your hand

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