Ostar Manual Coffee Bean Grinder with Spoons
Ostar Manual Coffee Bean Grinder with Spoons

Ostar manual coffee grinder, coffee bean grinder with spoon, folding handle, adjustable cone grinder, suitable for camping and at home

  •  ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS: The manual coffee grinder has 5 speed settings that allow you to obtain fine or coarse coffee powder to ensure precise control of coffee beans when brewing French coffee and espresso, filter coffee, Turkish drinks, etc.
  • Creative design: The design of the auxiliary handle is foldable and can be used by opening the handle, which is convenient to carry and save space. A manual coffee grinder comes with a small spoon so you can add cereal powder or coffee beans outdoors. The transparent glass humidifier allows you to better control the volume of the coffee grounds.
  • Ensure a fine grind: The coffee grinder contains ceramic grinding stones to ensure an accurate and even grind, prevent overheating of the coffee beans and largely preserve the taste of the coffee, making this manual coffee grinder an ideal choice for coffee lovers.
  • Safety and Noise: The non-collapsible steel handle saves energy when grinding the beans. No battery, no electricity, no screws, this manual coffee grinder can help you enjoy a quiet morning. The coffee grinder is easy to disassemble and install so that all parts can be cleaned.
  • ☕ Package Includes: 1 * Manual Coffee Grinder, 1 * Small Spoon. Ostar hopes to provide our customers with a pleasant shopping experience. If you have any problems using our products, please contact us, we will exchange or refund you.

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