Mintu Manual Coffee Grinde with adjustable settings
Mintu Manual Coffee Grinde with adjustable settings

Mintu manual coffee grinder / adjustable manual coffee grinder - stainless steel broom and conical coffee grinder, coffee grinder with whole beans for coffee, filter coffee, french squeezer

No blender is perfect for your precious coffee beans. Whether you brew your coffee beans by hand, at home, at work, on the go, or wherever you want, you can grind the beans just the way you want!

 Manual Coffee Grinder Experience a hand blending party with a manual coffee grinder. Regardless of whether you want to use a French press, a powder press, an espresso, a Turkish coffee, or a regular filter coffee, with the manual grinder, you can grind exactly according to your desires.

- The high-quality ceramic conical construction ensures accurate and continuous grinding every time.

With the built-in adjustable grinding limiter, you can precisely control the roughness of the grind.

- Simple use of the rubber surface prevents the coffee beans from coming out of the funnel while grinding.

- Easy to disassemble and therefore easy to clean.

- Removable silicone base, easy to clean.

- No batteries or electricity needed. Even if you are camping deep in the jungle, you can enjoy freshly ground coffee anywhere!

This easy-to-use coffee grinder emits much less noise than an electric grinder, so you can enjoy freshly ground coffee while your loved ones are sleeping or at the office.

Mintu Manual Coffee Grinde with adjustable settings
Mintu Manual Coffee Grinde with adjustable settings

  •  Built-in adjustable floor marker: The manual coffee grinder with multiple click settings can guarantee you 100% accuracy and coarse grain control, making the perfect grind start a new day.
  • Practical and easy to use: The manual movable crank mechanism of the manual coffee grinder eliminates more than 90% of the noise generated by the electric grinder. The manual coffee grinder requires no batteries, power supply or long plastic cable to operate the compact portable hand grinder.
  • EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE: Manual Coffee Grinders Each manual grinder is designed to transform your favorite full coffee habits into an extraordinary everyday experience.
  • Strong and durable: Manual coffee grinders Other manual coffee grinders use plastic or nylon parts. We use stainless steel instead, so you will fall in love with your blender for years to come for its high quality.
  • Product Quality: This high-quality manual coffee bean grinder is designed and tested by three professional types. Its life span is five times that of stainless steel blades.

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