Sboly Coffee Maker with Grinder
Sboly Coffee Maker with Grinder

Coffee grinder, Sboly coffee machine with grinder, single service coffee machine for K cup and ground coffee, electric coffee grinder with stainless steel blade (for coffee beans)

 Sabouli coffee maker with coffee grinder

This disposable coffee maker will fulfill all your needs and provide fresh and pure flavors for your day. There are two methods of making coffee. Not only can it be prepared with ground coffee, it is also compatible with all US K-Cup standards.

Two ways to make coffee

This innovative machine is designed to brew K cups and ground coffee. You can choose the brewing mode you want.

Optically Controlled Water

The water tank is equipped with drawers so you can easily choose the amount of coffee you want to control the strength of the coffee.

Self-cleaning system

All you have to do is add water and vinegar to the water tank and then press both buttons at the same time. The coffee machine starts cleaning automatically.

Enjoy hot coffee quickly

In 3 minutes or less, everything you've prepared will be ready. Enjoy up to 170 perfect hot coffees.

Smooth or rough, depending on your preference

The time it takes to press the cap determines the fineness of the powder. You can get different amounts of powder by working at different times.

Stainless steel blade

The sharp blade can quickly rotate 360 ​​degrees to grind the coffee beans cleanly and evenly.

Group font design

The sanding line can easily be stored under the floor, making it easy to store and saves space in the kitchen.

Versatile and versatile

The grinding machine can be used not only for coffee beans, but also for nuts, spices, salt, etc.

Sboly Coffee Maker with Grinder
Sboly Coffee Maker with Grinder

  •  Enjoy fresh coffee and start your day with the richest cup of fresh and delicious coffee. Use your favorite coffee beans with Sboly coffee grinder to get the best coffee that preserves the natural aroma of oil and the taste of coffee. Then you can use the Sboly coffee machine to brew fresh, delicious coffee. You can grind and make a cup of coffee.
  • Double coffee maker - no pressure when choosing, better taste! Spoolie coffee machines are compatible with K-Cup and all types of fresh or commercially available ground coffee. Use the moveable coffee basket and fixed frame to easily move between powder and capsules. Either way, you can not only enjoy your favorite coffee beans, but thanks to the rapid heating technology, you can enjoy your favorite coffee in a maximum of 3 minutes.
  • Powerful Coffee Grinder - Sboly Electric Coffee Grinder features a powerful 150W motor that can provide grinding speeds of up to 21,000 RPM. You can have an equal amount of flour, which is most important for brewing coffee and controlling the extraction, so that you can dissolve it until you find something delicious. It is easy to use and compatible with stainless steel blades, which continuously help keep the original, rich, and oily smell.
  • Easy to use, grinding and brewing can be done with one push of a button. With the clear cap, you can follow the grinding process of my plumb at the touch of a button and easily adapt to any roughness or smoothness required. If you like to have coffee in the kitchen, you need a good quality coffee grinder. Choose a Sboly one-cup coffee maker with simple one-button functionality. Good coffee won't be on vacation!
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Developed to let you enjoy your coffee smoothly and stress-free. This high-heel coffee maker only needs two buttons to clean and descale it quickly and easily. Spoolie electric coffee grinder with brush, easy to clean. They are easy to use, easy to clean and well worth the investment if you want to dramatically improve the quality of your coffee at home.

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