Seagate 2TB 128MB Cache SATA Internal Hard Drive
Seagate 2TB 128MB Cache SATA Internal Hard Drive

Seagate 2TB 128MB SATA 6Gbps Built-in 2.5 '' Cache (pre-configured and installed for Xbox One X firmware)

Seagate 2TB Capacity Seagate 2TB Portable Hard Drive features a thin and light 7mm design, pre-configured and installed with the full XBOX One X firmware. You can easily upgrade or replace XBOX One X internal storage. (Game console needs to be disassembled.) It is used to repair / replace / update hard drive of XBOX One X game console. All of these come with 2 year warranty from seller.

(This set of hard drives comes pre-installed with the XBOX One X firmware and is only for XBOX OneS. Please check the back of the XBOX One game console. Your XBOX One generation will appear. If you are using the XBOX One S or Un We have other offers)

XBOX One X 2TB internal hard drive (upgrade / replacement)
The hard drive is a pre-configured XBOX One X with the firmware installed
(Tested and Available!) Plug and Play on XBOX One X.
About 1.6 TB of free space for games and apps (the rest is used for system storage)
Save about 25 games
Contains step-by-step instructions for use

Note: These kits are great for repairing XBOX One X game console hard drive or hard drive upgrade. The game controller must be disassembled, void the manufacturer's warranty. The manufacturer considers the replacement of the internal hard drive of the XBOX One S to be invalid. If your XBOX One game console is still under manufacturer warranty, please do not purchase it. We recommend contacting the manufacturer to fix your hard drive. If your game console is under our warranty and the internal hard drive fails (Error 106) or you need to upgrade to a larger XBOX One storage, you will need to replace the XBOX One game console's internal hard drive. s.

Seagate 2TB 128MB Cache SATA Internal Hard Drive
Seagate 2TB 128MB Cache SATA Internal Hard Drive

  •  Note: Replacing the internal XBOX hard drive will void the manufacturer's warranty (If your XBOX is still under warranty, contact Microsoft to have the hard drive repaired.)
  • The XBOX One X hard drive is pre-configured and the firmware installed
  • 2 TB (1.6 TB can be used to store games and applications) stores approximately 25 Xbox games
  • (Tested & Ready to Use!) Plug and play on XBOX One X. Game console must be disassembled
  • Two-year warranty

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