WP Arsenal 12TB SATA 7200RPM 3.5-Inch DAS Hard Drive
WP Arsenal 12TB SATA 7200RPM 3.5-Inch DAS Hard Drive

DAS WP Arsenal 12 TB SATA 7200 RPM 3.5 inch hard drive

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The Water Panther Arsenal Series is ideal for direct connected storage systems and professional environments. Enterprise-focused storage devices have more stringent requirements for availability, connectivity, and reliability. The Sea Leopard Arsenal offers field-tested solutions to many important DAS / JBOD systems. Even in harsh environments, the rackmount drive range can rely on Arsenal Water Panther engines to be available 24/7.

Expand the memory further

Each Arsenal drive is optimized for systems larger than 8 bays to support large-capacity RAID storage and seamless communication with the processing system. WP Arsenal can handle a range of over a hundred engines, but it is only limited by the system. Our engineering team has selected the ideal drive for a directly connected storage system and can provide installation and configuration support.

Wide compatibility

With the Arsenal Series, you can be sure you have a installed reader that will work perfectly on major DAS systems from various manufacturers. Compared to lower-end NAS drives, the Arsenal series drives are not only good value for money but also offer higher workloads. Use the Arsenal Water Panther Series to create a storage set that will help you.

It was developed for high data loads

Our engineering team selected the ideal drive for a direct connected storage system. WP Arsenal consists of products from major manufacturers and OEMs and provides compatible products, compatibility information, technical support and supply chain. Product images are for illustration and marketing purposes only, and images do not represent individual items.

Consistent data transfer with low latency

By providing consistent and uninterrupted transmission of response data, the burst performance of the NAS drives is exceeded.

It was developed for high data loads

Optimized for high data loads - up to 3 NAS drives. The workload will depend on your hardware and software, but WP Arsenal will not be a bottleneck.

Ideal for critical applications and environments

Compatible with Consumer Corporation disk rack storage systems. Any reader in the WP Arsenal Series can be used in major business software applications. When capacity is at its highest, it's cheaper than all-important drives at 15,000/10000 rpm. The minimum average time between failure (MTBF) for any motor is 2 million hours to ensure service life. Includes IT technical support for system installation and configuration. Each flight has two years of arrival assistance.

Supported configuration

WP Arsenal Hard Drives support 512 byte sector format format size. Hard drives in a 4Kn array cannot be mixed. SAS interface is suitable for systems with compatible hard disk controllers, not for systems that only support SATA (desktop computers, NAS consumers, etc.) All WP Arsenal drives support legacy power sources and have no shutdown function.

WP Arsenal 12TB SATA 7200RPM 3.5-Inch DAS Hard Drive
WP Arsenal 12TB SATA 7200RPM 3.5-Inch DAS Hard Drive

  •  12TB SATA hard drive specifically designed for DAS (Connected Direct Storage) systems
  • The Leopard Arsenal engine provides a consistent and responsive transmission
  • Optimized for heavy workloads - 3 NAS drives
  • Ready-made JBOD, hard drive racks, and multi-bay RAID array
  • Connect directly and use low latency devices for better performance

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