TTDC Vintage Style Wooden Hand Coffee Grinder
TTDC Vintage Style Wooden Hand Coffee Grinder

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This manual coffee grinder is both practical and portable, and each grinding batch can hold a large capacity of coffee beans.

- Retro style, hand wheel for grinding coffee beans
- High quality beech and a generous base
- The arm and the vibrating cover are made of cast iron and the rest are made of plastic (gear)
- There is an anti-slip sticker at the bottom to prevent slipping during sanding
- Exquisite packaging, first class gift
It contains two cleaning brushes with which the inside and outside of the coffee machine can be easily cleaned

The exquisite cast iron construction makes a great decoration for any room in your home!
Just shake the handle and place it in an easy-to-use drawer for instant comfort!
Precisely control the fineness of the powder for each desired brewing method!
Use it for dry beans, spices, herbs, nuts, and other ingredients!
Use machines that do not generate heat or other impurities to preserve the taste, smell, texture and natural oils of the pill!

TTDC Vintage Style Wooden Hand Coffee Grinder
TTDC Vintage Style Wooden Hand Coffee Grinder

  •  [Improve the taste and smell: This machine is made of high quality wood, which has unique and attractive taste after grinding. No heat is generated during the grinding process and the aroma of the coffee beans does not evaporate. Hand grinding can improve the taste, acidity and surface quality. Keep the classic, old taste of coffee.
  • Excellent manufacturing accessories: Compared to other coffee machines of the same model, our vibrating disc and cover are made of high quality solid cast iron with anti-slip stickers at the bottom to prevent slipping while grinding two cleaning brushes for easy cleaning of the coffee machine.
  • 【Grade of Grind: Coarse or Perfect Finish. By using this manual coffee grinder with a regulator, you can precisely control the fineness of the powder for any desired brewing method.
  • EASY TO USE: The hand sander with the ceramic core is easy to clean and does not smell metal. The hand mill can produce components by turning the handle. No battery or electricity needed. It is also suitable for grinding other small particles such as coffee beans, spices, nuts, herbs and beans.
  • [Old decoration: Beech wood base, elegant and generous. The cool and compact shape allows you to take it with you. Vintage design adds a lot to your existing kitchen decor. It is very suitable as a birthday gift or just as a display of ground coffee beans.

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