Ukedio Manual Coffee Grinder With Adjustable Coarseness
Ukedio Manual Coffee Grinder With Adjustable Coarseness

Ukedio manual coffee grinder, adjustable size, manual coffee grinder very suitable for france, turkey, espresso and high pressure, large capacity coffee grinder

  •  [Roughness Adjustment] Our manual coffee grinder can precisely control grinding coarse powder into fine powder. The five-slice preparation is used for precise preparation. The manual coffee grinder can be adjusted to any size by adjusting the grind thickness position.
  • Higher production capacity compared to other traditional factories, our factory will be bigger, whether it is coffee inlet or powder container. Friends who love coffee can be satisfied with choosing the right amount of flour, and you can clearly see its thickness and quantity.
  • [EASY TO CLEAN: The grinder can be easily disassembled and most parts that need cleaning can be removed. Easy to clean and makes your coffee fresh and delicious.
  • High quality and very durable construction our coffee grinders have been in production for 25 years. The grinding machine uses high quality anti-drip glass, which makes the glass more organized. Mill core is the core of grinding, and we also use best ceramic core, which can extend the life of mill.
  • Elegant Design and Better Experience] We appointed a professional designer to design this grinder for our customers and adopt the most modern design to improve the quality of life for hand-ground coffee lovers. You can also use better molds to give the owner the perfect coffee experience.

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