Samsung TV offers HDR10 + adaptive technology
Samsung TV offers HDR10 + adaptive technology

Samsung Electronics announced that the new adaptive feature HDR10 + can provide a better viewing experience, thus supporting Samsung TVs, which can enhance the HDR10 + experience in customers' homes regardless of conditions. Lighting conditions.

Adaptive HDR10 + supports movie maker mode and adapts to the brighter rooms, so customers can enjoy the true cinematic experience of HDR10 + movies and TV shows in any home environment.

Adaptive HDR10 + will be launched worldwide with Samsung's upcoming QLED TV.

While viewing HDR content in a dark environment is generally the best option, a customer's viewing environment can vary widely due to various factors such as room lighting, time of day, and proximity. Windows.

Adaptive HDR10 + follows HDR10 + LLC guidelines, supports dynamic optimization for every scene and can now adapt to all room lighting conditions, improving the HDR experience.

This feature uses the TV's light sensor and ensures that the screen meets your creative goals without losing detail or contrast.

Adaptive HDR10 + on Samsung QLED TVs supports Filmmaker, a display mode developed by UHD Alliance members in collaboration with filmmakers, movie studios and consumer electronics manufacturers.

Samsung has partnered with Amazon Prime Video to enable Filmmaker mode and new adaptive features for Film Video customers.

We are always looking for new features and innovations that help improve the customer experience, said PA Winston, global head of video playback at Amazon Prime.

He added: Regardless of the viewing environment, the movie maker mode and adaptive HDR10 + improve the quality of Prime Video content, and customers can enjoy movies and TV shows just the way the filmmakers want them.

As consumers spend more time at home, Samsung is looking for ways to enrich the consumer entertainment experience.

Samsung said: We are passionate about providing intelligent picture quality solutions to improve the HDR viewing experience for consumers at home, and to provide customers around the world with an original quality video experience.

According to reports, HDR10 + is not the first HDR standard to offer this feature, as is the case with Dolby Vision IQ, which was announced at CES last year. This is a new feature in its HDR standard that aims to improve HDR. Viewing rooms. Content.

Throughout the year, some LG and Panasonic TVs adopted Dolby Vision IQ and it was generally well received by reviews.

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