Tesla plans to add Apple Music to its cars
Tesla plans to add Apple Music to its cars

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla (Tesla) has added Apple Music and Amazon Music as new original music services for electric vehicles.

Although most other car makers use Android Auto and CarPlay for phone mirroring to play media inside the car, Tesla insists on integrating music services into the user interface.

Over the years when Tesla integrated Spotify services into cars, the electric vehicle manufacturer integrated several in-car music streaming services and integrated them into the center screen.

CEO (Elon Musk) recently said: Tesla added Tidal to its integrated music service, and now it looks like the carmaker is still working on bringing Apple Music and Amazon Music together.

The leak revealed a previous version that was being integrated into Tesla's user interface via a recent software update. Several new options appeared when viewing various media elements, but they were not yet available.

Due to this leak, it appears that Tesla is working hard to add several new media elements, including Apple Music, Amazon Music and Audible, also owned by Amazon.

Tesla drivers can link accounts of these music streaming services to their cars and use the service via the car's interface without needing to connect to their phones via the currently available Bluetooth.

There's no way to know when to use onboarding, but the leak made clear that Tidal Services integration appears to be the fastest growing.

With more multimedia resources entering Tesla cars, the automaker recently released a new software update that allows drivers to hide multimedia resources.

You can now enter settings and view only the media sources you use on the main user interface.

If Tesla adds more music streaming services like Apple Music and Amazon Music that can be linked to their vehicles, this feature could be especially helpful.

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