The Finnish Parliament is under a cyber attack
The Finnish Parliament is under a cyber attack

The Finnish Parliament said: Hackers gained access to internal computer systems and accessed the email accounts of some parliamentarians.

Government officials said the attack occurred in the fall of 2020 and was discovered by IT workers in the Finnish Parliament this month.

The KRP is investigating the Finnish Central Criminal Police.

The head of the Finnish Central Criminal Police (Teru Murman) said in a statement: The attack did not harm the computer system in Parliament, but it was not accidental.

Murman pointed out that the security breach is currently under investigation in the Finnish Parliament and that espionage is suspected.

"One of the current alternatives is that unknown factors could obtain information through piracy for the benefit of Finland abroad or harm it," Murman said.

He added: More than one person was involved in the theft, but unfortunately, we cannot determine the exact number without endangering the ongoing initial investigation, which is an exception in Finland and because of the aim, nor is the type of victim very dangerous.

The Finnish Central Criminal Police also said: International cooperation has taken place regarding the investigation but did not provide any further details.

Although government officials did not mention the incident, the incident closely resembles similar piracy incidents in neighboring Scandinavia.

Earlier this fall, the Norwegian parliament disclosed a similar vulnerability in the internal mail system that allows hackers to access some officials' mail accounts.

"Hackers penetrated the e-mail accounts of elected officials and employees and stole a lot of information from them," said Norwegian Representative Marian Andreasen in a press release.

After months of investigation, the Norwegian intelligence agency PST tracked the invasion earlier that month to APT28, a group of hackers linked to the GRU military intelligence.

A recent Microsoft report highlights the latest trends in the APT28 email account strategy.

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