A lawsuit against Apple for not removing Telegram
A lawsuit against Apple for not removing Telegram

The Internet Security Alliance sued Apple for failing to remove access to the Telegram app while speaking was still banned and the coalition claimed that hate groups and extremists used the app to attack the Capitol building.

The lawsuit was filed Sunday in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

In the lawsuit brought by Ambassador Mark Ginsberg and the coalition, Apple was accused of making Telegram available on the App Store despite knowing that the app had been used to intimidate, threaten, and force the app to appear to the public.

The coalition is described as a non-partisan, non-profit advocacy group that aims to remove extremist and terrorist content from social media platforms. The coalition claims that Apple has failed to follow its policies and guidelines regarding Telegram content.

In this way, Apple enables the most dangerous Telegram users to continue their activities.

The lawsuit ended after Apple, Google, Amazon, and other companies canceled Parler's subscription for not editing the content.

The app was reportedly used to plan and coordinate illegal activities in Washington, DC, including the attack on the U.S. Capitol Building.

The lawsuit against Apple Telegram urges an audit to destroy the encrypted messaging app platform for similar activities.

According to the June 2020 coalition press release in the lawsuit, Telegram was used as a communication channel for the Russian government and its neo-Nazi and white nationalist groups, misleading information and ethnic differences between countries. United and Europe.

Ginsberg also sent a letter to the CEO of Apple on behalf of the coalition in July calling for the plan to be canceled temporarily as the plan played a role in inciting extreme violence.

There is also a claim that anti-black and anti-Semitic groups used Telegram in public and there was little control over the app's management content.

Despite Allianz's warnings and media reports about the app, Apple took no action, as it did with Speak.

The lawsuit also indicated that the telegram was used to coordinate and encourage violence before the inauguration of the President-elect (Biden).

The suit alleges that some users asked their supporters to abandon their plans for a second protest in Washington and instead supported a nationwide raid.

The lawsuit also cited unfairness in Apple's enforcement of the rules because removing Talk and Fortnite violates guidelines.

Meanwhile, using Telgram is said to have violated app store guidelines in various ways since the app was launched in 2013.

The coalition claims that Telegram developers have taken no targeted action to address these public, systematic, and ongoing violations.

The trial forces the jury to hold a trial, the court demands compensation for each plaintiff, and the court order bans Telegram from the App Store until it complies with Apple's guidelines and legal costs.

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