Smart watches can detect signs of corona in advance
Smart watches can detect signs of corona in advance

Recent research indicates that smart watches and wearable fitness equipment could play an important role in early detection of the Coronavirus.

Mount Sinai researchers discovered that the Apple Watch can detect subtle changes in a user's heart rate, which could indicate a full week of infection with the Coronavirus before they feel uncomfortable.

A company is working to develop a special wearable device to detect the Corona virus so that people without symptoms of the disease can stay at home and prevent the spread of the disease.

In a study called Warrior Watch, researchers tracked 297 medical workers on Mount Sinai between April 29 and September 29.

The Apple Watch that participants wear comes with a special app that can be used to measure changes in heart rate variability.

The study says: The watch showed a significant change in measurements of heart rate variability up to seven days before a person received a positive nose swab to confirm the Coronavirus.

A similar study from Stanford University found that participants who wore different trackers from Fitbit, Apple, Garmin, and others found that 81% of patients who tested positive for coronavirus took up to nine days. One and a half before the break. Heart rate changes over time.

And many people may not have symptoms of the Corona virus, which means that they do not have symptoms, but they are still contagious, which makes it difficult to control this infection using traditional methods of identification. The patient is isolated.

The study says: Developing a way to recognize people who may be sick even when they do not know they are infected will be a breakthrough in treating Coronavirus.

Not only does this technology allow us to track and predict health conditions, but it also allows us to respond in a timely manner, which is vital during a pandemic as a pandemic forces people to stay separate.

Researchers have not only noticed the first symptoms of coronavirus that smart watches can detect.

A company called NeuTigers has developed an artificial intelligence product called CovidDeep that can help identify people with the virus in clinical situations or in nursing homes.

The company uses the Empatica E4 portable patient monitor, which is a portable device to get a variety of skin, heart rate and blood pressure readings.

The company made this information available through CovidDeep and found that the virus was detected 90% faster and more accurate than traditional temperature tests.

There are plans to create an app that can be used with Fitbit, Apple, Samsung, and other smartwatches.

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