BodyGuard hides malicious content on various platforms
BodyGuard hides malicious content on various platforms

The French startup BodyGuard recently launched its app and service in English so that harmful content can be hidden from your view after a few years in French and has so far attracted 50,000 users.

The BodyGuard app provides individuals and businesses a solution to protect online communities and social media platforms from harmful online content and can be made available to individuals free of charge via the company's APIs.

If you are popular on various social networks, you may encounter hate speech in your responses or comments.

The service analyzes more than 5 million real-time comments every month and uses the latest technology as a smart, standalone and free solution for managing social media platforms.

Founder and CEO (Charles Cohen) said: We have developed a technology that can detect hate speech online with an accuracy ranging from 90% to 95%, while the false positive result is only 2%.

The company starts with a mobile app that anyone can use. Then the app is downloaded, connected to your preferred social network and then the level of organization selected.

There are several classes, such as B. Blackout, irony, bullying, sexual harassment, racism, and homophobia, and you can indicate whether each category has a low or high priority.

And since BodyGuard analyzes the responses and comments from its server and determines if all is well, you no longer have to open the app again.

For example, the app can hide comments, disable users, block users, etc. When you reopen Instagram or Twitter, the annoying comments never seem to be there.

BodyGuard currently supports Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch. Due to API restrictions, it is currently not possible to process any content from Snapchat and Tik Tok.

Most testing services rely heavily on machine learning or keyword-based monitoring.

BodyGuard then chose a different method, which is to mathematically clean up the comment and try to analyze the comment's content in context to determine whether the comment offended you, a stranger, or a group of people. .

This startup recently launched a B2B product. Other companies can also use BodyGuard API to view reviews in real time through their social platform or app.

The company uses SaaS software as a traditional billing service for its customers.

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