S Max: a new electric scooter from Segway
S Max: a new electric scooter from Segway

Segway, owned by Ninebot, has ordered a new version of the Ninebot S Max self-balancing electric scooter in North America and will start shipping in April.

Unlike traditional Bird and Lime series electric scooters, the Ninebot S Max uses a parallel wheel design.

The previous version of the Ninebot scooter had a center strut just a short distance from the driver's knee, and the driver had to press his leg against the rack to control the steering.

The new Ninebot S Max can be used this way, but it also includes a retractable shaft that can accommodate the steering wheel.

The steering wheel doesn't actually rotate, but it appears to lean left and right like a joystick or steering wheel.

By also allowing occupants to hold in their hands, the new design can improve comfort and stability.

The steering wheel also has an integrated display that allows passengers to monitor the aircraft's speed in real time.

Functionally, the Ninebot S Max is similar to the classic Segway self-balancing machine, but costs $ 850, which makes it much cheaper than the previous Segway.

The electric scooter weighs 22.7 kg, has two 2400 watt electric motors, and has a top speed of 20 km per hour, while the 432 watt battery can travel 38 km on a single charge.

This kind of force needs quick back and forth correction to maintain balance, and it is also necessary to equip automatic balance scooter with slope climb capability.

Passengers can remove the steering wheel rack and control the steering with their knees using the hands-free device.

The Ninebot S Max can also be integrated into the popular Ninebot go-kart accessories and convert the scooter into a compact racing car with a top speed of 37 km / h. However, the range was reduced to 25 km.

Ninebot previously offered the Ninebot Gokart PRO for $ 2,000, but users can add the Ninebot S Max to the company's gokart lineup and get the same overall performance for $ 1,700.

Indiegogo has become a popular platform for introducing new personal electric vehicles, and Segway has used the platform several times over the past several years, from electric ATVs to regular electric bikes.

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